It’s like this sometimes

Heart: “I haven’t heard from her in forever. I miss her so much. Does she not even care about me?”

Brain: “Dude, you were literally just cuddling with her on a park bench a week ago. You chatted with her on Friday, right before the weekend festivities got rolling, and you haven’t even recovered from the weekend yet. You’ve got tons of shit that needs to get done, too. Work, weekend plans, getting ready for the next big weekend in two and a half weeks…”

Heart: <acting (or maybe not acting?) like it didn’t even hear Brain> “How long has it been since I’ve seen her? When will I ever get to see her again?”

Brain:  “You’re tentatively scheduled to see her again the week after your next big weekend that you need to start preparing for. You know… your best friend’s wedding? That little thing? That you aren’t ready for yet?”


CIMH: Talk Nerdy to Me

Yesterday, in text:

E2: I must admit to having fallen a day behind in the yoga challenge.
Me: Tsk.

And moments ago in my dream:

E2: I must admit to having fallen a day behind in the yoga challenge.
Me: Tsk.
E2: But you fell a day behind on Saturday!
Me: I know, and so I can’t tease you too much, but that was my first time falling behind and this was the second time, that I’m aware of, for you, and so I shall tsk in your general direction! And if you do it again, I shall taunt you a second time!
E2: <swoon!>
Me: <whispers breathily in your ear> The left lane is for passing only!
E2: <faints>
Me: <catches you and lowers you gently to the ground>
E2: I must have you!
Me: I´ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon, in the dunes of the cape. I´m the love that you´ve looked for. Come to me, and escape!

Yes, I know (now that I’m conscious and looking up the lyrics) that I muddled two different parts of the Pina Colada Song together… I think my subconscious did a pretty good job of nerdy flirting, though. I’ve no idea if E2 is into Monty Python (or the Pina Colada Song), but I strongly suspect she is. The left lane bit is an in-joke from a previous bit of nerdy flirting IRL.

…and now if she ever finds and reads this blog, she’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’ve been dreaming about her.

(Yes, E2 is somebody new, not to be confused with E, whom I am still very madly in love with, but it’s more maddening these days)

Let it rain

Crack, boom
And the thunder rolls slowly off
Into the distance
Like my memories of how we were
That night when the rain fell
After I returned home from you
And tears of joy mimicked
The drops on the window pane.

But we can’t catch lightning in a bottle
And save it for later
To pour it out again
Whenever we please
So I sit and listen to the thunder tease
And wait
For another perfect storm

The Ascent

I once came upon a beautiful hill
Lush, and crowned with flowers
It seemed very inviting
And so I began to walk it

The higher I got
The taller the hill seemed
No leisurely stroll, this
I ascended to greater heights
And could see no end to the journey
I climbed wantonly
Excited to discover more
Wondering how high I might go
What treasures I might find
What pitfalls lie in wait

Suddenly: nothing.
Ascent turned to cliff
Crumbling under my feet
Slipping, I dug my hands in to the precipice
Heaved for all my worth
Fought against the rising terror in the pit of my stomach

I scrambled my feet on the hard rock
To little avail
Every time I thought I found purchase
It disappeared again
I hung there
Waiting for death
And let myself go lax
Then felt solid ground beneath my feet

The mountain was there for me
I had panicked for naught
And now I begin to climb again.


So, my newest webcomic addiction, Kimchi Cuddles, just alerted me to a new poly movie: Twice. I’ve donated to their IndieGogo, both on general principle and on the strength of the videos they’ve posted. This looks like a movie I will enjoy, and the world needs more poly-themed movies. I’ve been reluctant to spam other venues about it, but I’ll happily and shamelessly plug for it here on my own blog. It’s an all-or-nothing venture, so if they don’t make their goal, you won’t be out any money. They only take your pledge at the end of the month if they raise enough pledges to be fully funded. Check it out, and help them take my money.



“You come across as a little greedy, Sir.”
Because I am.

I want
your smile to brighten my day
your voice to fill my head
your touch to guide my way
your presence in my bed.

Give me
your hands on my hips
what time you can spare
your kiss on my lips
the thoughts that you’ll share.

I’ll take
your tears on my shoulder
your sorrows to ease
years of growing older
with you, Miss, please.

Solo V Day

Spending Valentine’s Day alone kind of sucks. More so when you’re in a committed relationship. It’s kind of incomprehensible when you’re in multiple relationships. And yet here I am, looking at an evening of solitude and leftovers. Thinking about yoga class tonight, and maybe beer after. Who knows… if I show myself a good enough time, maybe I’ll get lucky. 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day  to you, whatever your situation. Just remember to love yourself, and don’t place too much importance on the holiday. After all, every day should be about love, not just one day a year.